Rundgatting Snipa in Sweden

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wow, it's been four months since my last blog entry.  The weather is now warming up and it's time to apply some paint and varnish.  Here are the first two sheer strake colors.  Red will be the third color on the strake.

The seats are installed although they need some more finish work.  I am also going to add another coat of paint to the interior.  The flat finish is impossible to clean so the last coat will be semigloss.  I also stained the coaming and applied the first coat of varnish.  I am using satin varnish to keep the boat from getting to shinny.  It is supposed to be a Viking vessel!!

View of the strake colors at the stern.  I am also going to add a tall extension to the stern keel from which to fly a pennant.
The steering oar is still a work in progress.  Plan to carve another dragon head for the top of the oar.
She does look nice from the bow.  So far I have cut two 30" shields from left over plywood.  I plan to build four and attach them to the port & starboard sheer strakes.  The birds-mouth mast is also complete.   I still need to build the spars.  I have also designed and built the mast thwart.  It will be installed as soon as I finish painting.   Hopefully April will be warm enough to keep working on all the finish work needed.