Rundgatting Snipa in Sweden

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Smaug is finally nearing completion.  Following are a few shots of her details.  So far everything has come together very nicely.  I guess we will know that for sure when she goes into the water next year.

The oars are secured by two wood blocks with a cap bolted down on the stern block.  The centerboard cap is completed and installed with two lines attached to the centerboard.  The bow line will be used to pull the swing keel all the way forward.  The stern line will raise and lower the keel.  By using a combination of the two lines the centerboard can be adjusted to move the center of effect forward or to the stern depending on the angle of the centerboard.

The push pull rudder stick is attached to the tiller by a double shackle.  The two blocks on the stern seat are the stern and bow cradles which mount on the stern and bow stem posts to carry the mast in transit.

The shields are mounted with aluminum L brackets.  You can also see the oar lock mounted to the coaming.

The steering oar is mounted with a carved dragons head to give it a little more presence. 

The dragon head and the stern stem extension are mounted with nut certs and flat head bolts.  The mast cradles are matched
to the same nut certs so they can carry the weight of the mast when on the road.

The mast thwart is epoxied in place and attached to the oak ribs.  The rowing thwart is removable and can be stowed under the oars in front of the centerboard case.

Next spring I will order a trailer so I can customize it to fit Smaug.  Then the mast will be stepped and the rigging installed.  I am planning on a balanced lug rig of about 100 Sq Ft.