Rundgatting Snipa in Sweden

Friday, February 24, 2017

My wife's cousin was visiting from France so I put him to work drawing the dragons for Smaug's shields.  He is a wonderful artist.

Once Jacques completed a drawing I routed around the dragon to create a three dimensional figure. 
Here we are showing off our handy work. There are four shields total, two of each pattern with slight changes in the painting theme.
Here we have the new mast thwart installed, the rowing thwart which is removable and can be stored in front of the mast and the new oars. Although the beam dimension formula called for 10' oars I opted for 9' so they would fit between the stern seat and for forward bulkhead.  I will stain them the same color as the floor.

Making the oars was a bit more complicated than I thought it would be.  The most difficult part was cutting the excess wood from the side of the blade.  I used the band saw but I had trouble keeping the blade of the oar perfectly vertical. Subsequently I had a lot more sanding and planing than I expected.  If I ever build another set of oars I will use the power plainer to remove the excess thickness from the blade.