Rundgatting Snipa in Sweden

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Smaug finally got launched a couple months ago.  I didn't step the mast as I wanted to see how she floated on her lines and if there were any leaks.

Once in the water I rowed her around the harbor and was quite please with her performance.

I added the mast carry brackets and the running rigging.  Now all we need is some wind which unfortunately did not appear on this trip.

The weatherman's forecast of  5 to 10 mph of wind was greatly exaggerated. It took two more tries to finally get just enough wind to sail.

Finally on the fourth attempt we had just enough wind to make a little headway.  Nothing two exciting but at least I know the sail works. I will probably do some fine tuning once our afternoon onshore  breeze starts to arrive, usually in June. As you can see I added lazy jacks and a bow mast shroud.  My concern was if a heavy wind was encountered there would be a lot of pressure on the mast thwart pulling astern.

Wow It looks like I need to loose a little weight.  I set the oars in place and found they ride nicely when placed on the bow.  I'll probably come up with a bracket to hold them in place.  Also it's nice not to have them under foot.